It is the mission of to preserve pre-1960 vintage images. This site is a public browsing library containing archived vintage photographs that are scanned and anonymously contributed by site users via the Vintpix uploading system. Identification of image contributors as well as site users is kept private. Strict privacy between image contributors and archive visitors is maintained. All images contributed to Vintpix are available for viewing by all site members. Original photographs remain the property of contributors.


Limited member sign-up information, email address and password, is required to upload images or browse the image archives. Membership information is private and never displayed on website. Image contributors agree not to upload nudity of any kind and that there are no known copyright restrictions on the images they upload. Images may be searched by category or keywords assigned by contributors during the upload process.


Images including nudity of any kind are prohibited, such images will be immediately removed by the site administrator and image source will be denied future uploading access. The site administrator reserves the right to remove images and/or deny upload access at its discretion.