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This depends on which of your Groups you published your video toWe're all about vintage photos! Every image on this site is a classic slice of life from years gone by. From pretty women to rugged men, and from dressed up couples to fun in the sun you never know what you'll find---so browse often, new images are added daily. You can search Vintpix images by category or enter key words of subject matter you'd like to view.
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Its Free! You can easily gain access to FREE Vintpix vintage image downloads by taking a few minutes to create your membership account.

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To sign up for a FREE account, go to
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To change your password, click on the ‘My account’ link at the top of the site(After logging into the site). Then type in your previous/current password in the 'Old Password' field and your new password into the 'New password' Field. Then save the changes. 
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Your password is case sensitive, so check to see if your caps lock (on your keybord) is off . Also, check your cookie settings to ensure they’re on a medium privacy level and clear all cookies and cache in your browser.

If you’re still re-directed, please try resetting your password.